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prenatal massage

Research shows that prenatal massage therapy can be a key factor in women’s prenatal care. It can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health. 

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Those who are expecting must book a prenatal massage as therapists must be certified. Prenatal clients must be in their second trimester or later.

This style of massage will reduce discomfort caused by the strain of pregnancy on your body. We have prenatal cushions that will allow you to lay on your stomach even into the third trimester. Coconut oil can be used to reduce the chance of any skin changes you may experience during pregnancy. We also use side-lying pillows, as the prenatal cushions may become uncomfortable for an extended period of time You will be draped in a sheet only exposing the area being worked on at any given time. When the focus is on prenatal care, it will allow your therapist to spend more time on your feet and other areas that may be experiencing discomfort.


Our therapists are trained in side-lying as well as prone or face-down prenatal massage with a prenatal cushion. The cushion is specifically designed to comfortably accommodate women into the third trimester.

*Prenatal massage can only be performed beginning in the second trimester. It is not recommended for those in their first trimester. Deep tissue is also not recommended. However, you can speak with your therapist to have them work on specific areas that are causing pain or discomfort.

prenatal relaxation massage

60 minutes    $85       |      90 minutes   $105

Looking to pamper the expectant mother in your life?

Give her a series of massages. They never expire

and can be used pre- or post-natal.

series of four prenatal relaxation massages

60 minutes    $299       |          90 minutes   $379

If you would like to purchase more than four at a time, please call us for pricing.

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