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relaxing back massage

specialty massage

Our certified massage therapists are trained and certified in numerous specialty methods. Uses and descriptions listed below.


myofascial release

A type of constant but gentle massage therapy that aims to release stiff, hard muscle and fascia to relieve pain and discomfort.

      30 minutes     $55

      60 minutes     $90

sports massage

A sport massage involves the manipulation of the soft tissue (muscle and fascia) in order to prevent or improve sports injuries.

      30 minutes  $55

      60 minutes  $95

      90 minutes  $120

prenatal massage

Please let us know if your massage will be prenatal when booking and how far along you are. You must be in your second trimester or later. Our prices are the same for expecting moms, but some special preparations must be made to accommodate your comfort. We also ensure that your therapists is certifiedto perform this type of massage.

      60 minutes    $85
      90 minutes    $105

see more information here

lymphatic drainage

A gentle massage that encourages the contraction of the lymph vessels to move fluid through the tissues of the body. Very light pressure and movements are used to stimulate lymph flow.

      60 minutes    $90
      90 minutes    $120


Foot massage that addresses the relationship between the body's organs, limbs, and nerves as they correspond to pressure points on the feet.

      30 minutes    $55

      30 minutes    $100

oncology massage

This technique is a medically proven way to meet the unique needs of someone in treatment for cancer. It assists with the alleviation of the short and long term side effects of cancer and cancer treatment therapies. It's been shown to assist with pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and insomnia as well as aid in the prevention of neuropathic pain from chemotherapy.

      30 minutes     $55
      60 minutes     $90
      90 minutes     $110

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