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lashes and brows

Discover the artistry of our certified estheticians when you try our all-new lash and brow services. Get luscious lashes without mascara and full beautiful brows that are ready to go when you are.


eyelash extensions, classic set

classic lash set

eyelash lift with tint

before and after
lash lift and tint

classic full set

higher volume, one lash added per natural lash

2 hours, $150


full-volume extensions

max fullness, multiple lashes added to each natural lash

2 hours, $200


hybrid lash extensions

adding more lashes where they’re needed most

2 hours, $175

lash removal

extension removal

15 minutes, $15

lash lift

semi-permanent treatment, adds volume and curl

1 hour, $120


lash tint

semi-permanently darkens lashes for a mascara-like look

30 minutes, $40


lash lift and tint

lift plus tint

1 hour, $150

lash bath

removes residue prior to treatment, as needed

15 minutes, $10

lash maintenance

one-week fill

weekly lash extension maintenance

1 hour, $45


two-week fill

bi-monthly extension maintenance

1 hour, $65

three-week fill

third week maintenance

1 hour, $80


four-week fill

monthly extension maintenance

1 hour, $100

eyelash extensions, hybrid set

hybrid lash set

eyelash extensions, full volume

before and after
full-volume lash set


brow lamination and tint, lash lift and tint

brow lamination

semi-permanently sets brow hairs vertically, for a full, up brushed look that frames the face

1 hour, $90

brow tint

tints brows for fuller,

more even shape

30 minutes, $30

lamination and tint

Lamination plus tinting

1 hour, $100

before and after

brow lamination and tint

plus lash lift and tint

brow lamination with tinting

before and after

brow lamination and tint

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