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Pressure Point Massage

massage therapy

Our certified massage therapists will tailor pressure and technique to your preferences to give the best massage experience possible.



Our goal is to bring you to a state of blissful relaxation. Your massage therapist accomplishes this with long, gliding strokes, gentle kneading, as well as active and passive movements of the muscles. Blending light and deep strokes reduces tension, alleviates muscle soreness, and improves circulation and overall energy.

Our certified massage therapists will tailor the pressure and technique based on your preferences to give the best massage experience possible for your individual needs!

      30 minutes     $50

      45 minutes     $70
      60 minutes     $85
      90 minutes    $105

deep tissue

Deep tissue massage is performed with hands, forearms, and elbows, which is perfect for chronic muscle discomfort, knots, and tension. This technique enables the therapist to reach deeper muscle layers and connective tissues that have absorbed physical injury and emotional stress.


Deep tissue work also increases the flow of blood and oxygen, relieves tension at the core of tight muscles, and helps reduce inflammation and pain. Ideal for sports-related stress and tension.

      30 minutes     $55

      45 minutes     $85
      60 minutes     $95
      90 minutes     $120


Enjoy our signature relaxation or deep tissue massage with a partner in our luxurious new couples massage room. With low candlelight, a glowing fireplace, and soft music, you will find the atmosphere exceptionally calming and soothing. The perfect romantic getaway without leaving Chico. Book a couples experience with your partner and relax together in perfect bliss.


      30 minutes    $90
      60 minutes    $160
      90 minutes    $200

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aromatherapy massage

Enjoy a relaxing or energizing scent along with your massage to enhance the experience. We have many oils to choose from. They are all-natural, plant-based essential oils safe for contact with skin when added to our massage cream. Choose your favorite or create a mixture of two or three oils from our large selection!

      60 minutes    $90
      90 minutes   $110


This style aims to reduce the discomfort caused by pregnancy. Special cushions allow you to lay on your stomach even into the third trimester or we may opt for a side-lying position supported by prenatal pillows. Coconut or jojoba oil may also be used to support healthy skin. A focus on prenatal care will inform how your therapist spend their time: on feet, legs, low back, or other areas that may be experiencing discomfort.

      30 minutes    $50
      60 minutes    $85
      90 minutes    $105

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full-body cbd massage

Common uses of CDB include pain, inflammation, and anxiety relief. The CBD used is organic, hemp-derived, made in the USA and laboratory tested with no THC or pesticides.

      60 minutes    $110
      90 minutes   $130

massage upgrades

massage upgrades

combine these healing additions with any massage


The perfect accompaniment to any massage to enhance relaxation and enjoyment!

      to any 60-min   $10
      to any 90 min   $15

cbd oil

Add to any massage, either three joints (neck and spine, elbows, shoulders, hands, hips, knees, or feet) or treat yourself to the beneficial effects on your whole body.

      3-joint       $20
      full-body   $30

organic oil

Enjoy a simple, all-natural treatment that will enhance the experience as well as soften skin by massaging the healing properties directly into dehydrated areas where it's needed.

Instead of massage cream, you can choose from one of the following organic options:


  • 100% plant-derived jojoba oil

  • pure virgin coconut oil


These products will penetrate deep into the layers of your skin leaving it conditioned and moisturized.

      full-body    $10

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